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Hardcore music lovers only!!!


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before I post anything I must tell you that this music video is extremely graphic and you probably won't find anything put out in america like this.... enter at your own risk and not for the feint of heart

don't say I diddn't warn you...


now let's get down to business... If your still here, theres a Band that is touring with Korn on the family values tour right now... I have been listening to them since 1998 when they were unheard of in america...

J-rock is my favorite genre of music and Dir En Grey is one of the best at it.... just thought I would share


Dir En Grey- Obscure (uncut)


(repeat: not for the feint of heart)

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J-rock= Japanese rock... It's basically all I listen to at the moment

so it's going tobe difficult to understand them.... I like it for some reason though...although Dir En Grey is a bit outlandish for most.... some more J-rock bands that are more american are MUCC, Despairs Ray and Gazette...just a few links





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noU6bC_5pss...=Despairs%20ray Despairs Ray

makes a good driving song BTW




Discharge and Bathroom FTW

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