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Black Halo HeadLights

Verbal Killa

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Ok i bought a new car. had halo's on my old civic 4dr. crashed it now i got a 2dr alot better an faster then my old car. plus this one is finally stick. YES!! hahaha.


anyways.. i kno alot of u will say halo's suck or whatever but i like them.. so is there any certain type of brand thas good that i should buy? or just nay halo lite as long as its not Ebay is good?



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BUt does the ebay's one last? cuz yeah i dont think they look too bad either


im plannin too get some Black Twin Angel Eye lights


not the ones that has like a tinted light black thoe. like on the outside cover.


i want that too be clear an the inside black wit the halo's

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i said it wrong...oops.


yeah, chrome housings are lame. they didn't look chrome in the pic on e-bay, they looked a lot darker in the pic, that's why i bought them.


chrome sucks, so that's why i want black housing lights.

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