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05 accord coupe mods


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what up folks. i got an 05 silver accord coupe and I wanna throw some parts on it...mainly for looks but also for some extra power or acceleration. im not really a car guy so your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated.


for looks:

tint...35 front, 20 rear

rims...Im thinking about some 18's or 20's on it. No bling...thinking maybe black with silver lip or just all black. ive noticed that most brands have 17s on accords. any reason why i cant go bigger or why i shouldnt? any recommendations for rims?

front lip...i cant find it anywhere

spoiler...all i can find is the m3 style and factory...i dont like it and i dont want my car saying rice

fog lights...looking to get the factory ones to replace the side plastic things and some piaas. would that look tight with 2 fogs?

jdm headlight conversion...am i getting too rice? is it worth the money just for looks?

piaa headlight bulbs...dont know anything about headlights...4200, 5720, theyre just numbers to me.



suspension...i want it...but what should i get? do i need it?

intake...looking at the v2 cold air...any good?

anything else i should get to boost up some acceleration or nice sound....no exhaust though.

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