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2000 accord


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yea I got a jw what do u guys think of a 2000 accord 2dr v6 with 111000 miles on it. the guy wants 9000, I am new to the honda scene my 2 friends drive a civic and an accord. the accord is a 99 and he likes it and it runs great. I was jw if this is a good buy or do u think it has to many miles on it?

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9000 seems a bit high unless it comes with some extras and is in very good condition (very few if any dents, scratches, etc). However, about the 111k miles, Accords are known to go much longer (my own is at 125k and going strong), so don't worry much about that. Ask the guy if he's kept maintainance receipts, and try and figure out how well the car has been kept.


A good car is made from the start, but what will make it or break it is how it has been kept. A non-maintained car at 111k miles is not something you'd want.

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i think its a fair deal


several months ago i bought the same exact accord from a honda dealership for around 11k out the door flat @ 104K miles. Estimated time of negotiation: 3+ hours


the reason why i paid 11k its because they threw in these 2 alarms that gaurd the door and the windows specifically. New timing belt. something about a cleaned engine or some sort. refinished rims cause they were scratched up. redid the paint job in some areas cause of scratches also. the condition is that its a 1 owner car or something. (i cant sell this car on ebay or w/e) so if i dun want it or if it dies, it has to be scrapped


only downside ive noticed so far is that the clock in my dashboard does NOT light up. and something that looks like remnents of oil stains on the header. (possibly from a blown engine? and it just got rebuilt?) i dont know .


but thats besides the point. i say try to knock it down to 8k too. unless they offer u some kind of free package deal.

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