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Which alarm?


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When I manage to find a Del Sol (hopefully soon), I'd like to get an alarm. Does anyone have recommendations on types to get and where to get them installed? I only hear about the DEI alarms and places like Good Guys, Best Buy, and Fry's. And some have told me those places dont do a good job of concealing their work. Any San Diegans have comments about suggested places?


And what about alarm features? I'm new to alarms and have no idea what would be best.

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ok first of all. we got hondas. The easiest car to break into!


With that said, ask people you KNOW where they got their alarm and make sure if its a ma and pa or hole in the wall shop, pretty much any place thats not a major company, make sure they know'em and be nice cause honestly anyone can steal your crap at anytime. get one with a pager and dont set the sensitivty to high, it'll just piss you and your neighbors off.


So to answer your question... get anything that has a pager system.


That has saved my ass many times, you can turn your alarm on or off more than a mile away. There's times when it went off while i was at work... and I caught some guys breakin' into my crap, if the pager didn't beep/vibrate i never would have known.

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It feels alot safer wit the 2-way pager. cuz it tells u when a door is opened, car is hit, or when somethin loud or vibration turns on the alarm.


it makes u feel alot more confortable having one of those. try too get a pager alarm that can reach far too keep in contact with ur car. the farther the signal the better

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