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Drag against a cop car

Rick B.

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look at the dates.


and you didn't even say anything remotely constructive.


haha i saw soemthing like this on tv once. lmao they had a crap load of cops racing at like irwindale or something like that. they had subbies, a mustang, motorcycles, camaros, civics. all of them decked out with the light bar and the black and white paint job. it was pretty nifty. i asked a cop what mods he had to his cruiser and how much hp it had. he told me, but i dont remember how much hp it had, it was pretty mundane, he said there wasnt anything really done to it to soup it up, it was mostly just fitted with parts to make sure that it could run at high speeds for a long time. like interceptor rods and stuff. i remember there was talk of a s/c, but i dont remember if he said there was a s/c or that there wasnt a s/c or if some had s/c and some didnt.

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