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Pics of 90IntergraC1

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i gotta give it up to you man, you got some skills behind a camera. i wish i could do what you do, my pics just seem plain.


Thanks breh :thumbsup:


Last night was rough cause, well

1) There was like 99.9% humdity

2) Black cars are impossible to photograph

3) The lights were real harsh


Oh well

whatchu gonna do?

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pretty pretty.


shoulda done more than a 5 minute wash....would have looked better.


very nice pics though. you think you can score some free prints at motophoto?? maybe some 5 x 7's? i'm putting in a job application there tomorrow. i want my job back. f*ck larry.

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Nice teg, but i think stock tailights on the car is better suited, but to each their own, but yea nice teg!


i ordered some. the only reason i replaced the original tails is b/c they leaked water all over the place, so i picked those up for $60.


looks like an auto pile of ass to me


not for long biatch. no one likes you, go away. we already went through this like 6 months ago.



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If you could make a sig for me man, that would be sick. Like photoshopped background or something. There are plenty of pics in my thread with 99civicsi99 in the image gallery. That'd be awesome man.


I suck hardcore at PS

I'll tryna get one for you tomorrow

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nah, not the 3-piece stock tails or the foggy lookin' JDM ones...i want black housing headlights....won't look so ricey.


I'm trying to find stock tails, i got those b/c they were $60 and my stock ones leaked water all over my interior...bad.

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