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Power-gain suggestions?


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Here's the major notes.


I own an '00 Civic CX with an '00 GSR motor that has about 32..maybe 33,000 miles on it..still fresh as can be. So far it's got an aem ram air intake, toda header, a'pex gt exhaust, quaife lsd, act clutch and fidanza lightweight flywheel, Tein suspension with a wheel/tire combo that makes a velcro-enhanced tree frog look silly.


Here's what I wanna' know.


Aside from boost..or a serious N/A buildup..how would I go about potentially getting mid 13's out of this vehicle? Spray is considered. Someone suggested I get the head ported, a set of Toda Spec-B cams with a Jun valvetrain but for some odd reason..that just seems as though it'd be a little bit pricey. Pricier than what I'd like, but I'd come off of it should it need to be done. I'm fairly sure I'm tagging low 14's now..I managed to beat an '03 Mustang GT with longtubes, cai, catback on a bad tune by maybe a nose and he's running 13.9's and 14.0's consistently..even with a bad tune. He really starts pulling me on the topend, but spun off the line. I shut down before he really got to pulling hard on me for the pass..which was at about 80 or so. I don't spin.. I launch at about 4500..the tires squeal a little bit and it hooks. I'd say I'm not at 14 flat but I'm in the 14.3/14.5 range.


Any idea's, anyone?

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Some Rocket Motorsports M21X cams.


I'm assuming when you suggested those you know for a fact they work well with a factory valvetrain.. How about the valvetrain?


I thought I read something about those cams on your site.. Jun3 is pretty nice but if they're competition for Jun I'll look into them.

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You have to use RM valvetrain. Jun3 is overkill. You don't have enough compression. RM M22X's are Jun3 Killers. In a 1.8L you need 11.5:1 compression. A good IM and header (Toda will do, but there is better).

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