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OK, so I have this beater 93 civic hatch and the engine just died... I figured what better time to do a swap!!

The best price I can find on a total swap package is about $2,400: this is for engine, tranny, motor, axels, in. manifold, ex. manifold, ECU, AC compressor... basically everything. The engine and tranny are used, supposedly from a JDM with30-45,000 mi.

So I thought about buying a used del sol and doing the swap, and I found a del sol but it has VERY high mileage. I'm thinking about just rebuilding the motor, but I've never done that except a motorcycle I rebuilt once.

My question is: (LOL, I know this is newbie style but I did read all the FAQ's :) while I'm in the process of rebuilding this thing, is it worth getting upgraded interior engine parts? What are the most common things to do? I have found some rebuild "kits" with upgraded pistons and such... any thoughts on those? Keep in mind that I am not planning on racing, I just want a quick street car, so I need any mods to be legit smog-wise.

Also, during a rebuild, I know I want to replace the gaskets, rings, and get the cylinder walls honed. Are there any other steps I need to take during the rebuild?

As always, sorry for being a newb and thanks to all that reply.


93 beater CX hatch

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if youre getting a complete swap and the engine has 30k to 45k miles, you dont really need to do a rebuild. just replace the timing belt, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, all the basic stuff while the engine is still out. that still pretty low milage for a b16.


but, if you wanna open up the b16, then i recommend building it back up with good aftermarket parts if you wanna make it a faster engine.

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i did a b16 in my friends 91 crx and all we did was buy a rebuild kit off ebay. came with everything (pistons, rings, all gaskets and such) i think it cost him around $450 plus shipping. and he likes it



i also did a b16 swap in my cx hatch......if ur anything like the rest of us once u start 2 build it you just wana go faster.....

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