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Car Radio Upgrade For Civic

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I have a Civic N reg (1995?) and are looking to change the radio (its a cassette player :ph34r: )


Its the Tuner Cassette 100 with 4 holes which must be some kind of screw or something.


How do I get this radio out?


I am then looking to fit THIS


1) Would it fit?


2) Does the existing radio have an ISO connector? What about the ant.?


Thanks, as I can't find info on this 100 job anywhere!

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not very hard, take off four phillips screws on the plastic panel that holds on you ash tray and cigerate lighter, once that is off you will see a nut on the bottom of the radio take that out, unplug the attena, the main plug, and pull it out, not very hard, when you get the new one make sure you buy a plug, and wire it to your new cd player, the cd player and the plug should have a diagram saying what wire is what, becareful, the wires arnt always matched by color, good luck


get a clarion or alpine cd player, its worth the extra cost,

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when you get the new one make sure you buy a plug


What - an ISO plug?


I still have not got it out, but thanks anyway.


The radio has 4 holes in each corner. Are these screws too?


The only phillips screws I can see are large ones under the ash tray, and 2 either side of the dash board, ie/ by your legs, so 3 screws in total.



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