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Im Joe and I drive a 96 Civic DX. I just posted pics on the civic gallery if you want to take a look at my ride. I live in orange county new york and the town I live in is infested with Volkswagens. Most of my friends drive them, and yeah not too many people to talk vtec with. Ive been registerd here for a month or 2 but havent really introduced mysef. I know a decent amount about cars, can find my way around an engine bay pretty easily, and have been reading about honda engines for a while now. Im deffinitly here more for the learning experience so, tell me everything there is to know about anything honda/acura. I dont post to often but im constantly reading the threads. So if you have posted in the last month, ive probably read what you have written. Deffinitly looking forward to talking to most of you on the forums.

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Yeah hopefully i can turn it into a project car... wanna learn up as much as possible so i dont break anything.


welcome to the forums man. yes, breaking is bad.

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