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who was it that plays guitar here?


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I was bored last night and stayed up until 4am just searching and listening to people tearing it up on the guitar jamming to some metallica. One guy posted up where he learned to play and this is what he shared:




bc of this song, Nothing Else Matters, i am now wanting to learn to play the guitar. I do have a guitar so Im pretty determined to rock. In regards to that link above, what does the numbers mean?? How do I read all of that? As far as I know, the "o" is where you pluck the string. Help me out here!

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ok, take your guitar, and position it as if you are going to play. then, turn the guitar towards you, so that its sitting flat on your lap, with the thin string (high E) on top, with the thickest string on bottom (low E). now look at that page. the horizontal lines represent the strings of a guitar looking at it they way you have it positioned on your lap. the numbers represent what fret you put your fingers. so, if the bottom string says "3", you put your finger on the 3rd fret on the low E string (the thick one). if the numbers are staggered, meaning they are not sitting on top of each other, that means you play them seperately. if they sit on top of each other, you play them together.





3 this is a G chord. if you would see this, you play them all at the same time.











0 0

2 2

3 3 if its like this, you play them all seperately.



thats pretty much the jist. take each part slowly and dont try to learn too much at one time.




and oh yeah, the number "0" represents playing the string open.

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thanks but i still don't get the number thing. The 1st number shown is 7. what exactly do you do with the 7?? Whats 7h0? whats 8? whats 7h8/5? sorry im just determined to learn and your previous explanation confused me.


here is the link to how it should sound and the best link i could find of his fingering action


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hes talking about tablatures. i play guitar as well , and jam mostly metallica ironically enough. well i am a drummer really , but i started on guitar. i can play that whole song front to back intro and all , hard song to learn man , lol , all the intro is all finger picking and sometimes plucking 4 strings at a time , lol.










this is telling you what string to pick , in what order , and which fret to hold that string on. if you notice there all 0's. so you hit those strings in that order without holding any frets. all open strings(which is how nothing else matters starts. thats picking one string at a time. so you hit E string first open , than G string open , than B open , than both E strings together open(plucking at same time). so on so forth.


|---3---| E string , smallest one on bottom.

|---3---| B string

|---0---| G string

|---0---| D

|---2---| A

|---3---| E string , fattest one on top.


above is a G . this tells you what fret to hold on which string. i wish i could record myself and post it but im not sure how.


now to tony you wanna know what 7ho means , it means hes plucking the string on the 7th fret , than pulling off. which means pluck the string while holding the 7th fret , than letting go of the string on the 7th fret in such a way that its like plucking it. if you follow. theres also hammer ons , which means plucking a string either open , or holding a fret , than changing what fret your holding the same string on , but changing the tone of the string without plucking it again. to make hammer ons easier to understand , say you pluck an open string(not holding any frets) , than slamming your finger down on any fret of the same string. it will be like all the sudden your holding a different tone without plucking string again. hard to understand when your starting but it gets easier.

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yeah my bad. shoulda been more clearer than that. if it says like 3p0, its a pull off, or 3/2, thats a slide. they should tell you on the tab usually what they use. 3h4 would be a hammer.



you might still not understand the numbers, but when you play it, you will further understand it. if you are doing it right, it will sound right. well, that is if the tab is correct. i use ultimate-guitar.com for a lot of tabs.

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