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Newbie question: 95 - 96 compatability


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Hey guys. I'm pretty new to the Integra world, but I've got a question that maybe someone knows the answer to. I haven't found what I need searching around yet.


I need a rear bumper for my 1995 3 door LS special edition. Someone on craigs list has a bumper in the right color from a 1996 GS-R. Are these the same part does anyone know? I'd like to find out before I buy it, obviously, and I'm not confident in my ability to tell just by looking.


Just as a humorous detail, this is the reason I need a new one: The DAY I bought the car, I saw my friend driving his Saab turbo. I pulled up next to him, and he saw me. He was all excitied that I had a new car, so we raced around a bit - nothin too serious as I didn't really "know" my car yet. Anyway, I almost ran a 4-way stop, but saw the stop sign at the last minute (hidden by a tree) and stomped on the brakes. (Man those ABS discs stop that little car FAST). My friend didn't see the sign either - he stopped, but too late. BANG! So much for my shiny new car... Cost me about $550 for new exaust up to the catt, and now I'm looking for a bumper. Cost him about $4500 all told. Pretty funny, huh?


Anyway thanks in advance to anyone that can helo!

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any bumper from a 94-01 dc2 or dc4 integra will fit. ive been through a few myself. the newer integras have a slightly different style but itll still bolt on like oem.

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