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99 coupe suspension problem


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Ok i have a 99 accord coupe and i just bought it not too long ago and i am not sure what to do about this problem i am having.


1st of all when i turn on my car now the maintence required light blinks for about 10 seconds before turing off i was wondering if anyone could tell me what i need to do considering i dont have the owners manual.


2nd i think i need to get new shocks or something because as my rear sinks down the littlest bit i hear a squeak but when it goes down more than just a little it doesn't i am not sure what i need to do about that. Has this happend to anyone else in the past.


3rd If i do need new shocks/struts can anyone suggest a good brand (personally i was thinking about lowering it but if this is a bad idea please let me know)


Thanks guys

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To shut off the maint light: with the engine off, press and hold the trip odometer reset button. Next, while continuing to hold the button, turn on the engine and wait until the light shuts off (it should take about 10 seconds).

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