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Need A CRX bad


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looking to spend 1k ish. can come up if the car is right, but not much.




preferably white with decent/good paint.

must have all glass

prefer 90-91 not 100% necessary

prefer HF or Si

dont really care about interior

dont really care about suspension

prefer rolling chassis so it can be trailered


really looking for a clean straight shell to build my car. i have my crx how i want it, but the body is hurting so i really just want a clean shell to swap everything into it.


let me know what you have.


Email me oatmeal444@hotmail.com

southeastern region

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whats the problem with ur frame there is nothing in the world that cant be fix in a car man if is broken welded if its in need of paint paint it if it need seriuos things do them theres is nothing better then having ur original frame u bought just the feel makes it worth while man.

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