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1) Sign up to www.photobucket.com or www.maj.com or what other site you may have.


2) Upload your photos from your hard drive onto those sites.


3) Once it is uploaded, click on that same picture to view it. See if the size is suitable for you. If not you'll have to delete it, resize it, and upload it again.


4) If you're satisfied with the size, right click, go to "properties," copy the URL code.


5) Come back on here and type PASTE YOUR URL CODE HERE[/IMG]


6) Viola! You have posted your 1st photo on the net.

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how to post a pic.. hmm this is really easy but i still have someone asking me how to.. okay first

go on to a site where you can upload your image, like i use imageshack




then you wanna click the browse button, so you can upload it




then you wanna click the host it, or upload button.




from here click the pic to view pic




right click to image properties




copy the image link




go back to hondaforums.. click the picture tree thing a a bobber.. its an image tag




then press post




n00b54491ib8.jpg and tada, this is the end finishing result

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