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k20 motor in civic???


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im not sure if this gose for other states, but..

theres only one legal way you can pass smog with a k20a swap in california.


-- k20 must be stock.

-- k20 must have all k20 emission parts.

-- wheels must be same as where the original motor was from. ie: RSX stock wheel "size".

-- vehical with a different engine "make or model" must go to a smog shop in order to be sent to the BAR Examination (Bureau of Automotive Repair) since they cannot process make/model with different engine.

-- BAR technician dose his work, gets an approved sticker and some legal stuff and your all set.



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On a K20 the DC SPorts Race header is good and any name brand catback exhaust. Injen cold air intake is talked highly of by RSX owners. Get the ecu chipped by hondata for the K20 also. That will show you some decent gains. Also hondata makes an IMG (Intake Manifold Gasket) that reduced the amount of heat transfered from the block to the IM dropping the intake air temp by about 20 degrees. They seen a few horses out of that. Get all those and you'll be pushing about 30-35 whp over stock. Hondata alone gains about 15-20hp.

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