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has anyone explored this idea?? just always wondered how much time, money,fabricating it would be to maybe take AN 88-91 CIVIC WAGONS drivetrain and put it on the crx..i know the crx has a tiny wheel base..so it would be some work...but can anyone imagine..i wonder if it would corner like it was on rails..or crash and fail miserably..do you think honda tried this? what do you think?

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ok this is stupid. if it was smart it would have been done already.

crxs are light and dont really need awd to handle very good.

not only would the swap be really complicated it would be pointless.

by taking the drivetrain from the civic wagon which is alreayd really weak and putting it into the crx would take major amounts of time and fabrication. it might "seem" cool or smart but it is totally unrealistic.

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I believe that was an integra



You're correct..it was in an old tuning magazine they used an older model integra with crv parts to do it..


Once completed they said it wasn't worth the hassle.

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