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I drive a 1998 Civic LX. Got a Megan Racing header and racing cat., AEM intake and underdrive pulleys (only on my P/S now), fuel pressure reg, Neuspeed short throw shifter, Brembo Sport Pads, rotors, and drums, and sensor monitoring software on my laptop to made sure things are smooth.


I've worked on cars for about 6 yrs now, and live on all my comps., but never actually joined a forum. Due to cold as hell Minn. winters I've decided that actually writing on a forum, rather that just gaming sound fun, and it is. Hope I can be some help!


P.S.- I noticed I really pissed some peeps off by bringing back dead threads! SORRY! I've never wrote on a forum, so I didn't realize I was writing on a thread from the stone age, but I caught on quick, and I will not make that mistake in the future. Sorry for the grey hairs!!

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also make sure you spell vtec like that...some people get overly pissed about that...:thumbsup:




TRUST ME!!! I may be new to forums, but I've been surrounded by Honda engines, books, mags., other lovers, and so on for years, and I also agree that anyone that can't spell the sacred VTEC right, should be stripped of their Honda!!

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