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Harness seat street legality?


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Just a crossbar? Are you doing this for looks...?


I don't really care if its legal or not. But depending how fast you will be going, will your bar be strong enough to withstand a crash? I doubt just bolting it down with 2-3 bolts will do the trick. Most race cars are designed with a structure that can withstand the forces of a crash and most are designed with more than just a crossbar. Just thinking that a crossbar will support your weight x how ever fast you are accelerating is just ludicrous. Hope you have a nice time supermanin' it out your front windshield.


I have repeatedly refused to ride in any car that have harnesses that are bolted to the floor or attached to anything that does not loook like a full race cage. I'd rather take my chances of surviving on any surface street with the standard 3-point...

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Using a harness on the street with just a rollbar = you're dead.


Only time I'd use a harness on the street is if I had a full cage and HAD to make a trip in the car (fill with gas, other car broken and need to get to work, etc).

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