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I would like to start of by saying am a huge Del Sol fan and there is no use arguing with me so in other words I bought a 93 Del Sol SI and it is Stock Samba Green and I plan on doing a swap for a B18 with a B16 Tranny (shorter gear ratios make it quicker) And I have recently realized that (in my opinion) that a body kit on a Del Sol

Is semi sacrileges so I am looking for a nose lip kit for my car and was wondering weather or not Honda made a stock lip kit that will fit my car if so were can I buy one and if not does any one have any suggestions on a decent one for a good price if so let me know. Bare in mind I am not trying to dis any one with a body kit because I am still open to buying one myself and any help with the lip kit would be greatly appreciated

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Yay, for another del sol owner. I love the Samba Green. I wish mine was Samba, but unfortunately I'm stuck with Milano Red. Welcome to the forums. Oh, and have you considered building the D16 you've already got? You could make that really fast for less money than a B series swap.


About the front lips, search ebay for the 92-95 civic front lips. You can find a lot to choose from and they will fit with a minor modifications.

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