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hey everyone I am going to pickup my new baby tommorow(day early, Glee:D). I won't be doing much performance til the warranty runs out. I am however going to beef up the tunes. I am looking for some good 6.5 and a sub box. As far as the speakers are there any brands I should avoid? please only reply with speakers you have owned\heard\read real facts on. I don't want to hear "This brand sucks because someone told me blah blah blah". I respect opinions as long as they are informed ones. I am thinking bout some rockford componets.

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haha dont buy dual. lmao i was cheap and went and bought speakers on the biggest shopping day of the year. i could either get 1 set of pioneeer 220 watts for 60 bucks, or i could get 2 sets of dual 120 watts. and of course i went with the duals, and i swear i regret it soo much ;-(

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bleh, got one in no problems, have to figure out where to mount the tweeters. thinking bout right above the window controls. While I was working I discovered the speakers were miswired right=left, left=right. Last owner ghetto wired everything so I am gonna have to go through and do it all over and check each wire individually. I am contemplating getting a better stereo just to save some time. Any chance someone has something decent they're getting rid of?

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good choice with infinity kappa's...they have great mids and high's, but very little bass.

Best Speakers


2.Boston Acoustics

3.JL Audio

4.Rockford Fosgate


Worst Speakers


2.Sony Xplod




Best Subs


2.Rockford Fosgate


Worst Subs

1. Dual

2. Polk

3. Infinity

Best Head Units




Worst Head Units




I don't know much about working on engines of cars, my specialty is speakers/wiring/installing audio equipment and also detailing cars. All these opinions are based on personal experiences from installing and listening to mine or miy friends systems. peace

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the two panosonic headunit's i've dealt with have been terrible.

1. They skipped every CD every time the person went over a bump

2. For some reason the sound quality that came out of them was terrible no matter how much I played with the equalizer, the music still sounded really muffled

3. They're ugly

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Infinity Kappa Perfect Speakers > all.

Bottom line.

They're good, but def. not the best...have you heard Eclipse Speakers or Boston Acoustics?? They sound like you're at a live concert, they have the perfect mix of lows/mids/highs IMO

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Rockford is okay i used to have two rockford fosgate 12in subs they didnt hit as hard as my two 10in JL W0 with a 500/1 watt amp... but what i have now is a Alpine headunit, Alpine Tweaters, Alpine 6x9, and trying to get a Clarion Amp with 2 Eclipse Titanium Cone 12in subs and replace my old headunit with a Alpine touch screen with navi,cd player,dvd player,Ipod adaptable, ETC... ALPINE IS THE WAY TO GO!!! :thumbsup:

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Hey guy, I am am an audio nut as well and love a good sound. I have JL XR component coaxial, they sound amazing without the amp but were really pricey. I paid $200 a pair off onlinecarstereo.com. I have also had the soundstream component coaxials which scream, but offer no bass. Plus they were under powered because I didnot have the $ to buy an amp to power them at 120 RMS. They were also very cheep. I have also heard the rockford fosgates in my buddies civic. They slam, The bass is amazing and he is running directly off his kenwood excelon head unit. Definetly stay away from dual and sony.


But overall I would recommend the jl if you are willing to pay top dollar

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