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window cranks/regulators.


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95 civic ex coupe.

ok, lemme explain my situation first:

basically, to put it short, the guy that owned my car messed up the wiring. SOO, the passenger window motor doesn't move at all, and its somewhere in the wiring (had it looked at by a professional shop, just didnt have the money to fix it at the time)


so basically what i wanted to do, since i can get them for cheap, is get manual window regulators/cranks for each side, and just put those in place of my electric ones. because A) its lightweight and B) less to go wrong, and like i said, i can get it for cheap.


so i was just gonna cut a hole in the door panel where the crank would go.


now, 2 questions.


1st, would the crank/regulators from the front 4 dr. models fit my coupe doors?


and 2nd, will a manual bolt right into place of my electric regulators?


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i honestly dont know if 4 dr will fit 2 dr , but this i know. if the prolem is in your wiring and not in the window regulators themselves , than fix it dude , lol. fix it yourself. all you need is acc power goin to them, and a ground. easy easy fix man.

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