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Vision Auto Dynamics is garbage (BEWARE)vfiber.com


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Ok heres the deal Wrecked my car on 1/6/06 and have been in the market to get a unique look to my car since it was going to be repaired so I started to look around in magazines for carbon fiber and fiber glass stuff. I ended up getting a hood from modern performance "GREAT HOOD" and also got some fiber glass X1 fenders from Vision Auto Dynamics or Vfiber.com. What a mistake these guys are thw worst company known to man. First off the product looks nothing like what is displayed fact is i took the fenders to 3 different body shops to look at them and they all laughed at them. The first thing they said is they looked like someone made these in a garage at home. The other is the time to prep the before they could put any paint on is "my god" 12 to 15 hours per fender is the least amount of time the highest was 20 to 24 hours per fender and this is 3 professional body shops hear in the local area. So I said to my body shop that I did not want to spend 1000 bucks per fender to have them installed to send them back. So my body shop called Vision Auto Dynamics to send them back they said that you pay for what you get 199.00 for the fenders. So my body shop said that they have never had to pay 199.00 for fiber glass garbage before they want to return them. Vision Auto Dynamics wont buck up and pay for shipping or even half of the shipping so it is going to cost me over 180 bucks to ship it back to them as much as the fenders cost. I know you have some prep time when you buy fiber glass I have done it before but the most I have ever encountered was 10 hours for 2 fenders. These Fenders were terrible the worst any shop that looked at them had ever seen. SO BEWARE OF VISION AUTO DYNAMICS OR VFIBER.COM

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