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b16 vs b18 head for LSVTEC (not same ol questions)

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ok this isn't a typical 'why should i use this or that head' or 'which flows better'


but a couple questions to clear up the b16 vs. b18c questions when involving the LSVTEC


1. does it matter which b16 head? (i.e. 92-95 jdm b16a, b16a2/a3)?

cause i can get an OK deal on a b16a jdm engine...?


2. is there a difference in installing the 2? some people have told me the GSR over the b16 for ease of install, this true?


3. which b16 heads DO flow better? if any? i thought they were from the same casing...


4. which one has the highest compression if using b16a2 pistons?


thank you.

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Both are the same to install.


Early B16's (91 and down) flow bad. Newer B16's flow good.


B18C1 has higher compression. If you are just doing a mild build, use the B16. You don't need high compression to make power.

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