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Security System woes


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I recently bought a 95 Civic. The owner mentioned that it had a third party Security System that occasionally caused a lockup while starting so he had disabled it by cutting the wires.


Ive had this car for 3 months now and yesterday I happened to leave my lights on which drained the battery. It didnt jumpstart and I changed the battery since it was very old. But this did not solve the problem. The car refuses to crank and makes no sound upon turning the key. The lights come on and the new battery works great. I have a feeling that the security system has caused this lockup.


Ive had similar problems in the past when I believed that the system locked up on me but it seemed to reset after about 15 minutes.


Does anyone have experience with this issue? I have the original keys and am in a position to re-enable the security system though it has not helped so far. BTW, I am a newbie so Ill probably take it to a mechanic but since I don't trust the ones around me (they suck) I was hoping to get some direction to act upon.



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