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Why a B16 head on a B18 block?

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lets see. no need for a bump first of all.

second. lets compare heads.


while the GSR head is supposed to be easier to do with an LSVTEC, the b16 head flows better than the GSR. you should have better results with the b16.


either way, you need to read up on some stuff if you plan on doing an LSVTEC swap.


when swapping a VTEC head on to a non VTEC block, there are a few things you need to do.

first, you need to tap the oil supple hole on the VTEC head, and plug it. this requires machining if you feel you can't put the tap in straight, because it NEEDS to be straight and even.

second, the dowel pin holes need to be enlarged slightly so the new pins can be used in the GSR or b16 head, whichever you use. (i myself will be using the GSR head because IMO its more available at a slightly cheaper price, and more common overall, but each to his own)

you can also use the kit from Golden eagle, which includes the tap, and step-dowel pins so you don't need to machine the dowel pin holes, just place them in and they have a wider edge to go into the new head.


thats just a small portion of what you need to do. to do an LSVTEC swap, here's a list of MOST of the stuff you will need:


LS Block, GSR or b16 head, intermediate (half) shafts, axels, transmission, golden eagle LSVTEC kit, VTEC water pump, vtec oil pump, vtec timing belt, ARP rod bolts to strengthen the block, pistons, new rings, wrist pins, new steel oil line to relocate the oil flow, chipped ECU w/ a basemap, if you do an OBD2 swap you need the conversion harness to OBD1 (75+ just for that wire harness) so its a plug and play (this way you dont have to hard wire anything)


thats just most of it, there will be some more stuff. of course you're going to want a new clutch and flywheel, a header, intake, plugs/wires, distributor, etc etc etc.


its alot of work, and alot of money. the payoff will be good, but you can't go cheap, and if you go cheap, don't make it cheap. then you'll regret it.


this should help a bit.


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Well lets see, First of all I've bean around this sight for a while and I know how it works.( Thay will be cleaning up the new topic list soon and the ones at the bottom go)


Second the block was use for a LS/V-TEC be for I got it so it will fit. All I'm looking for is help to pic wich one will work better for what I will use it for. The regs know what I plan to do.

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you bump a post when you want to bring it back to the top of new posts pretty much. you dont really need it here because there isnt many people active on a lot of threads. people bump their own threads mostly in classifieds because when you have a lot of active threads yours dissapears on maybe the 2nd or 3rd page and people are lazy and dont always check after the first couple of pages.

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Either head is the same to put on.


B16 flows slightly better stock.


Ported its a throw up. Some builders like the GSR intake ports, some like the B16 (in regards to angles).

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