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h23 in a 93 accord?


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just got into doin mechanics myself and now i want to add more power to my car. i see that a lot of people do h22 swaps in their 4th gen accord but i would like to do an h23 swap and i was wondering if anyone could help. i already have a h23 with the tranny and the ecu sittin in the garage, it also came with the original wiring harnes stil on the motor. anything else that i would need to do the swap? i did notice that the amount of vacume lines to the intake manifold is more on teh h23 than the f22 so am i gonna need and h23 vacume box? thats all i can think of right now, anything else that i would need or tips or links would b great.


and i did use the search but all i found was a h23h22 swap into an older style prelude(88-91?)

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