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can you swap an 94 D16Z6 into an 88 civic

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Just wondering if I would be able to swap an engine from an 94 civic si (D16Z6 engine) into my 88 civic DX which currently has a D15B2 engine.. what would be involved.. can i keep my current transmission(cable clutch setup) and bolt it on or do i have to go with the hydraulic one from the 94 setup.. would the motor mounts line up up or would i need to fabricate something up? as for wiring, would i be able to keep my old wiring and add some additional wiring.. or would i need to replace it all? Whats all involved?


has anyone done this?

if you have done this, can you list what i need to make the swap?

any other ideas?

and is the D16Z6 a VTEC engine?

any input would be great




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