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What magazine should I get?


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Hey guys, I wanted to sign up to a car magazine but out of so many choices im not sure of one which will probably benefit me.


Obviously im looking for a magazine mostly about civics, and parts and articles and all that stuff. Anybody know any good magazines that I can probably sign up for?

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Honda Tuning is a great mag.

Order of good mags ... (IMHO)

1. Honda Tuning

2. Turbo and High Tech Performance

3. Import Tuner

4. HCI

5. Modified Mag

6. Super Street

7. Sport Compact Car



Very nice list and order Sol. I only wrote Sport Compact because it's the only one I get, and only because my boss gets two and always give me one for free ( cuz I'm cheap, and I only use the internet), although Super Street should be last (90% adds, and the same every month at that)

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