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engine vibration at 3200 - 3500 rpm


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Just bought my first Honda - 97 Civic EX 5-spd with 115,xxx miles. Am getting used to the car, and wondering if the vibration/resonance I get around 3200 rpm, which means exactly around 70-75 mph, is normal or if the engine could be smoother. Place I bought it replaced the clutch and flywheel - assume it was a "cheap" effort. Thinking that there could be a balance issue with the Pressure Plate or Flywheel. SOme vibration can be felt at all rpm, in the shifter, in the clutch pedal when disengaging, and in various rattles and buzzes, but the "sweet spot" is right around 3200-3500, and it is very noticeable. Local folks I talked with suggest maybe motor mounts are bad, but that probably won't help the shifter vibration. Seems like engine. Runs good - no miss. If I take it 80 mph and put gearbox in neutral and coast, smooth as can be. When I run up through the gears, the engine vibration increases through 3500 and then diminishes some on up through 7000, but still seems more than I would expect. I drove a couple other Civics but they were all Hatchbacks - different motor and different final drive, so it didn't really compare.


I am leaning towards having the flywheel/PP removed and checked for balance unless someone convinces me I am expecting the engine to be smoother than it is.


Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

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Thanks guys. Not CV or drivetrain. Pulley/Balancer is possiblity I hadn't thought of. Seems likely associated with clutch/flywheel since those were replaced by unknown person with unknown quality of parts. Thought maybe someone else has experienced this and would comment that there are cheap, unbalanced flywheels floating around or cheap pressure plates that are out of balance. Will look at the pulley!

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