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Honda noob with a few questions


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Today I picked up an 03 Accord EX 2DR. It has the 3.0 w/ the 6 speed and loaded. I've got to say, this is the nicest car I've ever owned and driven. Anyone I've taken for a ride in it is equally impressed. I honestly dont know why I havent looked at these cars sooner.


The car definetly has power. Although I cant get a good idea of how it performs. I wasnt able to find a good 1/4 mile time on the web. They were scattered all over the place. The numbers for a car like mine ranged from a 15.4 to high 14's. The way it pulls I'd say it's more high 14's.


I guess my other questions are how can I make it faster? I'm no stranger to bolt-ons or forced induction. Problem is, this is my daily driver and I dont want to supercharge/turbo it. I already have a car with an aftermarket turbo and it's a pain to keep up with sometimes.


I've heard this and that about how the vtec engines take well to bolt on mods. How true is this? I mean no offense but there's a lot of mis-information on the web about VTEC and hondas for that matter. (a friend of mine actually found a link that said his "sport" button on his shifter in his 91 accord gave him 10 extra HP...wow..)


Basically, I want a little more reliable horsepower and I want to do it and learn correctly.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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honda simply makes best engines made(most efficient)in my opinion. daily driver my ass boost the bastard , MUAAAHAHAHAHA.you couldnt kill that engine with a shotgun hehe

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