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Catalytic Converter, a Necessary Good or Evil?


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I am so happy that I have signed up in this forum as I have learned quite a lot!


Anyways, my question is about whether or not I need to change/replace my stock OEM Honda Accord Catalytic Converter if ever this car has one?


So far, I am slowly doing car modification for performance. I have already upgraded to a pacesetter Headers, Cat-back exhaust system and mufflers. Bought AEM Cold Air Intake System as of this writing. Now, I was told by my car supplier that I needed to do an upgrade and by the pacesetter hi flow catalytic conterver to add more hp and better fuel consumption.


I am not sure if they just wanted to sell item, but so far, after taking into consideration all the mods that I have done, all in all I am very happy with the big improvement and impact on my 1993 Honda Accord Coupe. Before, I plunge myself again in buying this item, I would like to seek again your opinion whether its necessary for me or not? Necessary evil question because, I wanted to know if I do change the stock OEM with this one, if there's going to be improvement after doing so.


Any feeback would help me decide within the next few days. Thanks a lot folks!


Kind regards,



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