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Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and I have a few questions. First off I drive a 2000 Civic Ex 4-Door with SOHC Non Vtec w/ Auto tranny. I can't really drive a Manual due to a left ankle injury that left me unable to use it fully. Anyhow, I was thinking about doing an engine swap to give my civic more go but are B16's ,Si motors, or any other engine compatible with the Auto tranny that I have? I know the 2000 Civic Si did come with an Auto Tranny. 2nd question I have is will the Steering Wheel from the 2003 Civic Si H/B fit my Civic? I hear that will and that it won't. Any help or advice from anyone will be most appreciated!


Thanks! Andy

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Im pretty sure this would work but I have a few questions about the details because this is going to be my first engine swap...


1.What do I have to worry about swapping an H22 into a 93 EX coupe besides the kit that cost about $120


2.The Transmission- will the old one that I have work or will I have to buy a new one or will the engine I buy have to come with it? (plz remember me = n0ob plz dont bash)


3.Will I have to worry about the V-tec controller if I am getting a new engine with both secondary and primary on it?


4.Is there anything else that I should worry about replacing when also replacing the engine??


any input on this would be most helpful :D

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