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search LS-VTEC... not legal in all states. not easy from what i understand to make it reliable. good luck.


its very reliable as long as you get the block right. or as im told. what i've learned in the past week to make a VERY reliable LSVTEC:

different pistons

new rings

new wrist pins

new bearings

use ARP rod bolts

make SURE you get the rods resized, and the holes polished good so the new bolts can be pressed in

make sure you torque everything PERFECTLY, and if you don't think you should work on the bottom end, have someone who knows what they're doing do it.


as for the head, just make sure you do all the head work right. i.e. tap and plug the old oil supply hole straight, etc...


and make sure you get that ECU chipped with a basemap and if at all possible tuned on a dyno.


if you follow that, you have one damn reliable LSVTEC

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Wow. This thread is made at least twice a week. Do a forum search and look up mini-me swap. Guarantee you can find something. It won't cost much if you get the parts in the right places. LSVTEC set up is legal.


LS VTEC is more reliable than most other motors. Build it right, quit spreading bad information.

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