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Hey I'm Trepid and I am here as your Civic man.  I'm not gonna get all touchy feely like Deadlydrew, just wanted to poke my head in this room to say hi to any newbies.



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The only vtec model sold in the US is the Si, I don't think there was an Si in 93 but I am not certain about that.  the EX has the biggest engine of those models(and there is an HX which has the same engine as the EX but its a basic model w/out power windows and stuff) but it only has like a 10 HP increase on the other models.

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yes there were many models with VTEC available in the 5gen Civics (92-95)

there was an Si

on the Sedans there were many models

DX, LX, EX out of all hose the ex was the one that was VTEC

and the SI for the 5gen was a Hatchback it was a 1.6L SOHC VTEC (thats the project car I have)

the coupes came out a lil later

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