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I guess i'll get things started


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I guess I will get the introductions started with my own.



My name is DeadlyDrew, Administrator of this wonderful forum, and am welcoming you all aboard.


I look forward to sharing and learning all things Honda/Acura and automotive, as well as some nifty audio and video suggestions and techniques.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and also help out by answering other peoples questions.  We just might all learn something.  If we all learned one new thing about our cars each day, imagine how much you would know in just one year.


With that said, I would also like to ask that you all invite your friends, family, neighbors, kids, uncle's and grandmothers to this site.  At the bottom of the main page, there is a quick form to fill out that you can refer your friends.  Please also bookmark this site because if you do not remember to come back tomorrow or the next day, a week will go by and you will forget.


We are also requesting any feedback that you may have.  Please post that in the Feedback and Suggestions forum.  Please be nice to your fellow members and moderators and keep it clean.


Last but not least, have fun and come back often...

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