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Who's still here


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This is a topic to see who is still here on hondaforums. I hardly ever see any of the regulars anymore and there are only a few of us that even make posts anymore.-_-


Only post how often you login to hondaforums and read through or make posts. Let's keep this topic simple.


(Do not reply if you are a newbie and have been here less than 1 month)

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I'm still here. Usually on once a day, or once every 2 days though. I don't always post either.


Ever since the forum upgrade, this site actually crashes on my MAC! I spend the majority of my computer time on my laptop, so it gets pretty annoying... especially since I prefer this over my desktop due to the crap that Win XP is, as well as how often IE crashes. I really have no problems on the iBook, but whenever I log onto HF, Safari crashes at least once. :rolleyes:

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