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question about an 89 honda civic


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Hi guys My name is wayne, I'm new here and I have what might be considered a dumb question. I have a 1989 honda civic with the 1.5 fuel inj 4 cyl. I dont know much about honda's so heres my dumb question. Yesterday the choke on the throttle body got stuck closed while going to work. It was running rugh and all but it finnally smoothed out by the time I got to work. Well on my way home it done the same thing I then decided it must be the choke sticking closed (and it did turn out to be) But by the time I got home it was idleing really rough kinda like its skipping. I changed the plugs out thinking it might have fouled them running so rich with the closed choke and all but that didnt help. The diaphram for the choke has a small hose I took this hose off, no vacume to the diaphram (at least I cant feel any) Now my question is there seems to be a small canistor of some kind on the back of the throttle body where the hose from the choke diaphram connectes to. There is also a hose comming from the top air inlet housing (the piece that goes to the air cleaner) connected to the canistor also. I cant feel any vacume from either one of these hoses. Can this little cannistor go bad? if so what is it called? If it is not the cannistor I welcome any comments about what might be wrong.

thanks in advance,


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