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Another turbo project


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i am turboing my da b18a1. i am already puting the kit together, rods, pistons, msd, ecu, fuel pump, obd1 ecu.


MY problem is that i dont wana spend the extra 500 to do my valve train, but i will reset my vavles. About how much psi can i safley run on the stock head w/ the built bottom end, as a dalily driver. and is it ok to buil the bottom but not the top. thanx guys yall r a big help


another question is when i conver my obd0 to obd1 non vtec can i ust a del sol b16 vtec distributor, on a chiped p 28 ecu

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P28 is from a Z6. It is a VTEC ECU, not a non-VTEC.


You can run the stock head until you start with a lot of boost.


If you need some springs/retainers, I'm a dealer for Rocket Motorsports, PM'd you a price.

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