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Thanks BBS


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it's a Neuspeed N2.


I apologize for taking so long. I've just about no time for myself since getting the business started and off to a good start and dealing with my other job. add on top of that my band practicing and recording and me trying to have a decent social life and it all just doesn't work.


hope you're happy with it though. it's been chillin' sinice I got my 4-1.


on another note, I got the Sol tuned sunday morning and will be hitting the dyno and 1/8th mile track soon.

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bbs - post that dyno chart up when you get it! you didnt get it tuned and dynoed at the same time? usually those are done together.


not all the time. my tuner is one of the best out there. made 500whp on stock B series sleeves. he basically tuned it using a wideband O2 and evening out the air/fuel. it pulls much harder than the base map.

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