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Starting problem


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I have a del sol 1.5vxi and from time to time i'm have a starting problem.


It will turn over ok, start then immediately stop, and then I have big problems starting it again. All the lights on the dashboard seem to be on and ok.


the engine light also comes on and go off, if you wait for about ten minutes and try starting it again it normally starts. It always seems to do it after filling up with petrol, but that is not exclusive.


Now i read somewhere else that it could be caused by the main relay here:- http://www.marklamond.co.uk/howto/electric.../main-relay.htm


i have looked behind the fuse box and have found the following relays, does anyone know which one the main one is?


mitsuba flasher FR-3501 - i presume this is for the indicators?

denso - 056700-7330

mitsuba - RZ-0135


Can anyone help me?

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mine was doing something along those lines, but never the check engine light ... mine was my ignition ... the spark plugs/wires needed changing and a new distributor cap ... works like a charm now .... your problem sounds electircal though as you said ... i would search for diagrams online and that would help you beautifully

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