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Hey buddysol


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(haha...thanks mark for pointing me in this direction...didn't see it for some reason...)


the game never went into OT...


how could i not watch this game? it's one of the better tradition filled rivalry in college football. But yah, literally usc's 2-season championship flashed through my mind as leinart threw that pass on 4th and 9. i mean out of nowhere, it was caught and i was relieved. then i freaked out as leinart went for the rush into the end zone, didn't make it, and the irish rushed the field. thank god the field judges saw the ball pop out of the end zone, giving us 7 more seconds. now in the back of my head, it became more important to score the touchdown than to head into OT with a field goal...imo, if it went into OT we would have lost cause the irish were playing good. it became either win now or just delay the inevitable. i think that's why pete caroll/matt leinart went for it...once i saw matt reach his arms over the goal line i knew what we watched was history in the making...instant classic for years to come. it replays in my head over and over again...such a sweet game. now, comes cal, even tho they kind of sucked against Oregon St...wtf!?...either way, usc-cal is a much better rivalry than ucla could ever muster up...then again, if ucla goes unbeaten that'll be a good last game of the season.


in the end, i think it'll be usc-texas at the rose bowl this year. i know i'll be there...didn't like how texas squeezed themselves pass cal into the rose bowl last year...get out, the big 12 sucks. hahaha...

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