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mini me swap d16y5 to d16y8


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thanks alot for the info guys...ok here's what i know and what i hope to do...im gonna get a y8 head, get it p/p, and a ZEX/COMP CAMS HONDA D16Y8 VTECH SOHC CAMSHAFT #105300 i may also get some Omni Power high compression valves, i dont know yet. but im gonna run it with the stock springs and retainers, with my stock distributor, complete stock intake manafold(including injectors, fuel rail, etc.) all from my y5, and pretty much just changing just the head it self....and im alos gonna get a p2p ecu.......is this setup ok or will i run into some problems?....keep in mind that money is tight...please help!!!

and one more thing...will i run into any problems with the y8 ecu and my stock wiring on my y5?

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