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Pics of my New Project Hatch


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yeah he got a 92 hatch for 700 dollars in Boston.. i think thats a really good for such a good body and great seats and interior minus the no shifter and the no radio thing.



good deal.. get the z6turbo that thing will be badass.

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fuq radio

i rather listen to my engine

that motor is already on itz way out

the shifter isnt' there becasuse i took off the shift linkgae, axels, etc..

there are no corners because im waitin for my JDM ones


chassy only has 110k

and theres no rust under the car

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sweet project man...



believe it or not, when im done with modding my STi for a while, i plan on buying a hatch and turning it into a project car. i've always wanted to do it.

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