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i just bought a Civic VTi (1998, b16a2 , probably like a US Si).


73,000 miles, Full *honda* service history on time, with the best oil avaliable by honda (esso fully synthetic etc)

The engine runs absolutly great and no weird noises or anything.


My concern is that, when i start the car cold (after its been sitting for 8 hours or so), i turn the key, and the engine jumps into life as normal, but the oil light stays on for exactly 1 second before it goes out. Is this normal behavour? anybody else ever had this?


im hoping to be worrying over nothing.


SSR, has mentioned to me that it should only happen when really cold, but my girlfriends ford fiesta does the same, and so do 3 other company fords where i work (may be a ford thing tho).


Anyway, if anybody could just let me know if they have ever seen this, that would be cool.




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Cheers mate!


I can stop worrying over it now! (you know whats its like when you buy a new car... and you arnt sure of the characteristics of it yet, whats normal and what isnt etc).





Yea bro its normal, mine does the same, and then goes out, only when its cold out tho...but its perfectly fine it takes a couple seconds for the oil to run throught the sending unit, but yea other than that its str8 no need to worry....also you have pics of this VTI? Ive seen 1 in my life lol...never really payed attention until i saw it say VTI lol :laugh:

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