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axle? with swapped trans.


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I have a '94 Del sol Si with a 1.6 16Z6 engine couple years back I had the 5sp trans. replaced with a used salvage yard trans that came out of a older civic, series S20 I believe. Recently I needed to replace the right axle, the axle that the book calls for is too large in diameter at the trans. end to fit. Unfortunitly I returned the core to the parts shop and now cannot compare. I have tried a couple of other axles and they seem to be too long or too short. At the same time I had new tires put on the car and am getting a lot of vibration which the tire place is blamming on the axle (not sure but I believe its the one for a S model 1.5L) that I did put in saying it is too long. Can anybody tell me what axle will fit this year of Del sol with this engine and trans? Help! This is driving me crazy and no one around here can seem to help. I guess part of the question here is will the trans. for 1.5 L engine fit the 1.6 L engine? Thanks,Jesse

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