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H22A in a CD5


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Hey all, I'm getting an H22A Prelude motor for my 95 Accord EX. I am debating on whether I should go through the trouble of doing this swap myself or whether I should take it to a performance shop and have them do it. How difficult is this swap in the CD5? Is it a fairly straight drop in, or are there going to be some modifications needed to the engine bay and motor mounts? Thanks in advance.

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sorry.. h22 drop in a CD accord needs H22 motor mounts (hasport). if you dont know what you're doing or havent done anything like it i would say get someone to swap the motor for you. if you get the h22 in your accord you will be very pleased with the amount of power you put out in just the motor swap.


sorry it took so long for me to post.


91h22accord might know a little more.. i only have a stock motor with bolt-ons in my accord.

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