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TURBO OR LS/VTEC On My 1991 B18B Civic Hatch  

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  1. 1. TURBO OR LS/VTEC On My 1991 B18B Civic Hatch

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    • Ls/Vtec

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if you have that much get a b18c1 and boost it.. thats the best thing you can do with 4-5 grand.. to me



b18c5 engines i hear from many people are usually stolen and being sold for cheap so i wouldnt look for one of those.


they still are my favorite engine besides 3.0 ltr nsx engine.. idk the code for it.

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Turbo's suck.


turbo's do suck, but not in the way i think ssr ment.. i would go LS/VTEC cuz it'll make better power through the usable powerband. it might come up a bit short in peak power, but throughout the rpm range you'll have more power then with a turbo set up.

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