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Wich one of this speakers are the best in ur..

Verbal Killa

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Alright well im just wondering.. wich one of these speakers are the best.. u guys tell me wich ones are the ones u can turn up loud.. they bump nice, an dont make all that static noise n crap.. so they sound clean an can bump loud..




choose one out of those that are nice.. and..




an those are the back ones.. u guys choose an tell me please wich one is the best.. that are LOUD an CLEAN.


im tryna go cheap cuz i aint gotta job an im not that old to even get one yet hahaha.


thanx :thumbsup:

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Of all of those, go with the clarions or pioneers. Those are all pretty low end speakers though. Shoot for the $80ish price range and go listen to a few and compare at local stores, then buy online.


Im currently running memphis 6 1/2s and jl 6x9s, along with subs. In the past, i've loved the MB quarts i've run (bit more $) and also for cheaper stuff loved Pioneer


Im moving this to the Car Audio section.

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according to the link, im guessing youre only looking for 5.25" speakers. If i HAD to pick one from the list, it'd probably be the volfenhag. 350 watts is a lot but im not sure if they're a reliable brand.


(these 2 links are the same links?) but your rear speakers are probably 6x9

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not for kappa perfects ... kappa's are .. but the perfects are components with a separate tweeter and crossover .. can take double the power and have way better sound ... but for the money he is looking to spend, i would say go with kappa's or references of the Infinity

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